Wednesday, 4 July 2012

This is the beginning of something good - and we need your help

Please help a good cause
JIMENA Those of you who have followed the recent tragedy of the neglected dog (there's a new one now!!) will also be aware of the many cases of similar neglect and ill treatment of animals in general in this area. Over the years we have published numerous articles and appeals about them, be they dogs, cats, horses or whatever. We have also talked about getting something done about it. Now is our chance to get into action. Val Jubb, of La Viña de Liñán, has organized a lunch at Casa Henrietta (thank you, Melissa, thank you!) that is intended to raise funds to begin the procedure towards a properly established charity. What: fund raising lunch - but bring along a plate or two, to share out. When: Thursday, July 12, at 1.30pm. Where: Casa Henrietta, Calle Sevilla 44, Jimena. Donations: €10 at the table, but if you can't come, please give them to someone who's coming, or at some other time at Henrietta's, or give them to Val or Alberto. You'll find a way.

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