Thursday, 12 July 2012

Who was Luis Ortega Brú and why should we care?

Luis Ortega Bru
(1916 - 1982)
SAN ROQUE Luis Ortega Brú was renown as the sculptor of those figures we see at Holy Week processions and lining the walls of churches. He was an imaginero - he imagined images, in other words. The new exhibition hall at the Palace of Governors is named after him, and his son, Ángel Ortega, plays a crucial part in setting the space up, according to town hall sources. Ángel has sourced 24 masterpieces off his father's work from the private collection of Enrique Hernández Luike, which would have been impossible without the cooperation and backing of th Council, says the son. The 24 sculptures and paintings are "fundamental" to putting together a comprehensive collection of Luis Ortega Brú's work, including that influenced by European and even Cubist art the artist brought with him from extensive journeys, all of which will be on public display as soon as the work on the exhibition space is finished.

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