Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Campamento access collapses due to Gibraltar queue

Campamento yesterday
Collapse was on Spanish side · No queues for cars in the evening
LA LÍNEA/Campamento Access to La Línea from the Campamento end was chaos again yesterday morning. August is famous for this, of course, but the queue this time went all the way back to the roundabout before even entering Campamento. Reports say that it is principally due to a large increase in tourists coming onto the Rock. However, a Guardia Civil traffic control in the area was not a great help to the large number of frustrated drivers trying to get to work. Reports also say that exiting Gibraltar yesterday evening was not a problem to car drivers, but motorcycles and scooters had a 45 minute wait at around 5.45. (Please let us know how you got on today!)

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Tanya said...

I was stuck in this traffic yesterday, what a nightmare, everyone thinking that both lanes are going into Gibraltar. Not a policeman in sight.