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Gibraltar and/or Spain's territorial waters around the Rock - a couple of comments brought to light

On the next-but-one original JimenaPulse (in turn, the origins of this here CampoPulse), we published an article on March 19, 2009 titled European Community: 'Gibraltar landfill OK'. It elicited several comments at the time, but we found two more that hadn't yet been edited or approved and that we only picked up recently, but that reflect the ongoing controversy about the Rock's and/or Spain's territorial waters. Below you will find these, with our (Prospero's) replies.>>>
Utrecht Treat redux
COMMENT: Look up the Utrecht Treaty and you will see that by signing it Britain has clearly agreed it has no rights to the Spanish territorial waters that surrounds Gibraltar and lap against the rock that is the only part of Gibraltar that has any legitimacy.

Unlike Gibraltar, Spain has every right to implement landfill developments at its own discretion. Landfill by Gibraltar is nothing short of theft by stealth and is typical of the bigotry of British foreign policy and its contempt for the sovereignty of other nations.

REPLY: And as far as I know, the Utrecht Treaty makes no mention of the isthmus area, where the airport now is. As for stealth, there’s no need to mention that that is any politician’s secret weapon at any time and in any place, throughout history. And not a small weapon in what you call the bigotry of British foreign policy.

Here’s an idea: if Spain were to fill in East and West of the isthmus, could the airstrip be made longer? Spain would use either end of it, and Gibraltar the middle bit that’s already there. Joint use, you see. Course, both sides would have to agree …

'Zionist state of Britain'
COMMENT: From an Englishman that reasonably holds the terrorist Zionist state of Britain in complete contempt. This Rothschild owned mercenary state have no moral right to the Spanish Island of Gibraltar, and not the slightest legal right to the Spanish Waters that entirely surround the Rock. The theft of Spanish territorial waters by landfill from Gibraltar should be suction dredged to be added to Spain’s perfectly legitimate landfill projects. Clearly considering the offensive arrogance of their forced neighbours, the Spaniards should put the bay to use to house Spain’s most noxious industries, and the adjacent Spanish waters would be great to host weekly flotilla Rock concerts.
With the usual contemptible lack of integrity of the Rothschild/British Crown, Spain is at a distinct disadvantage if they will not repay arrogance with arrogance. As Britain’s Bankster puppet masters continue to have the power to sabotage the world economy their corrupt Masonic bureaucrat and judicial henchmen will continue to support such parasitic offences against decent sovereign nations.
Adrian Hollis

REPLY: To start with, Mr. Hollis, Gibraltar is NOT an island, it is an isthmus. Therefore, as you will see if you click on the link, the waters do not entirely surround the Rock. Having got that wrong, I can only suppose that you have the rest wrong, too. However, I fully respect your right to your somewhat eccentric opinion (my own opinion, of course) – as I support Spain’s claim to your ‘island’ this side of the millenium – but maybe I’m wrong and will gladly accept that possibility. Thank you for signing your comment, not many have the courage of their convictions.

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