Friday, 17 August 2012

Gibraltar denies permission for fishing with nets

GIBRALTAR (GibChronicle/Agencies) Government yesterday quashed speculation that Spanish commercial fishermen would be allowed to resume their activities in local waters after August 16th by stating that they will not currently grant any permit to allow fishing with nets. The current prohibition on commercial fishing in Gibraltar waters will therefore be maintained. In a statement to the Chronicle, Convent Place said that on the recommendation of the preliminary technical report compiled by a group of experts “the Government has to maintain its current position requiring full observance of the provision of the Nature Protection Act 1991.” (Full article by F. Oliva here). In the meantime Spanish media report on the reaction>>>
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of the fishermen involved, who say that they will continue to fish "no matter what they say". Other reactions come from international law experts who say that, since Gibraltar has no individual rights to any waters separately from the UK, the issue should be taken up with British authorities, that it was a mistake to allow Gibraltar to get involved in separate negotiations.

However, local media also reports that there was uninterrupted fishing yesterday, Thursday, after a hiatus of some 16 days. Heavy fog prevented them from setting out this morning, though.

Interviewing local fishermen, a radio station reported that many of those involved in fishing, all along the coast from Barbate to La Línea, have increasingly been filing for unemployment benefits. One of them said, "It's not worth going out for a couple of kilos of cheap fish." He was from Tarifa.

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