Tuesday, 28 August 2012

J.A.W.S. will be jawing soon

J.A.W.S. first project
JIMENA (by Alberto Bullrich) After the summer hiatus and debilitating  heat, the newly semi-created animal protection society, Jimena Animal Welfare Society, will be holding its first 'Board' meeting. There will no doubt be questions about who elected the Board. The answer is: nobody, because we don't yet have a membership. However, basic work needs to be done and there are several items on the agenda that will be discussed. One of them is to set up a Facebook page and/or a website so that people can be informed about our activities and, hopefully, progress. Another is the creation of an official association, which, thanks to Spanish bureaucracy, can take some time but doesn't preclude activity or events. The meeting is planned for mid September and will consist of only three or four people. Look for a full report right here. (Oh. and some great news about that kitten, alias Sheit.)

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