Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Jellyfish catch limited by Levante winds

Volunteers helping to clean up in better weather
ALGECIRAS (Agencies) This year's plague of jellyfish -stings by which we are getting increasing reports- is playing havoc with bathers at practically the entire coastline of Andalucía, and no doubt a lot of other places in Spain and Portugal. In Algeciras, two boats went out yesterday carrying a net donated by one of the fishermen. It is a very thin but quite long net that needs two boats to drag all four meters of it. It is good at catching the jellyfish but lets the rest of the fish free. However, it cannot drag on the bottom yet must be close enough to the beach. Yesterday, it was taken out on trial, but time was limited by a strong Easterly wind, the infamous Levante (spelled like this, Gibraltar, without an r at the end!). Only 50 kilos of jellyfish were taken, but there is hope that it will be possible to do a lot more soon.

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