Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Major nationwide crackdown on drink- and drug-driving this week

Zero tolerance on drink driving announced by ministry
SPAIN (Agencies) Reports are coming in that there are some 10,000 Guardia Civil officers on the roads of Spain over last weekend. With Wednesday being a national holiday, many people are taking a couple of days off on either side of the holiday, plus those who are on holiday anyway. Taiulbacks have been the rule in many places, especially along the coastline, and are expected to continue. As the holidays are a time of relaxation, local ferias large and small, eating and drinking, they also show a marked increase in drink- and drug-driving, so controls for either or both can be forecast for most of the country. This at a time the Ministry of the Interior has announced, among other things, that it plans to lower the drink-driving mark to zero: not a drop of alcohol in the bloodstream when driving (We are preparing an article on this and the other measures announced).

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