Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ministry plans total ban of alcohol at the wheel

Speed limits on secondary roads to be lowered
SPAIN (Agencies) Minister of the Interior Jorge Fernández Díaz announced earlier this week that he is preparing a series of restrictions and regulations. Among these is a complete ban on alcohol in the blood when driving. While he pointed out that these were in the preparation stage and not yet law, the minister added that other measures include a speed limit reduction on secondary, or N-roads, would deal with the roads that show three quarter of all fatal accidents. To compensate for this, speed limits on motorways will be increased "where safety is not compromised." Fernández Díaz did not say by how much. Other moves include making bicycle helmets obligatory on all roads, including inner city streets, beginning with under-18s. A ban on cycling on the pavement is also on the cards. The minister said that although the number of fatal accidents had decreased considerably "there is always room for improvement."

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