Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Plum ready, says the boss

We took this photo recently at the Parque de las Aves in Jimena (more about that soon, and, hopefully, an ad!). We like it and hope you do. We also like plums. We received a gift of four kilos of plums from a good friend, and we (Prospero memo to monkeys: stop this royal we, you're talking about your boss, dammit!!) proceeded to make some jam. He burned it. Then he added water and got a lovely almíbar (light watery syrup), which is very sweet and in the fridge. Then he reduced the mess and finally got enough jam to fill a couple of jars (which none of his friends will be getting for Christmas out of sheer embarrassment). He has tried the jam - it's bleedin' good, he says. (He recently received a lovely gift from some other good friends: a lot of figs. No jam, he says, not even for Christmas. Mean beggar, the boss.) (Prospero note: slow summer, have you noticed? Also, looking for some lemons...)

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