Friday, 28 September 2012

8,000 impacted severely by rain storms

Estacion Bobadilla
Alora bridge collapses, Marbella affected, roads closed
MALAGA (Europa Press) Some 8,000 people are being affected b the rain storms over the province of Malaga, according to the Junta de Andalucia. Principally affected are several towns and villages in the Ronda mountains and the Guadalhorce Valley (see a list below, including closed roads). The 112 emergency centre reports that there have been over 200 incidents, including evacuation in several spots that are very dispersed. In Alora, the bridge over the Guadlhorce River collapsed when the water broke its banks. One of the places under water is Estacion de Bobadilla, the main railway hub in Southern Andalucia. The Junta has put its Provincial Emergency Plan into effect. SOON YOU WILL ONLY GET TO READ THIS FAR UNLESS YOU SUBSCRIBE.>>>
A partial list of the main places affected, all in the province of Malaga:

Villanueva del Rosario
Villanueva del Trabuco
AloraSierra de Yeguas
Estacion de Bobadilla

Roads closed:
N-331 (Antequera-Malaga, both ways)
N-341 (Prov of Aleria, near Sorbas)
A-384 (Antequera)
A-343 (Antequera)
A-92, A-92M, A-7, A-45, A-92 (Malaga city)

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