Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Exploding Food Myth 11. Don't eat anything after drinking milk

Many people believe that the milk will 'curdle' if they eat anything after a glass of the white stuff. True, lactose can cause digestion problems and lead to dairy product intolerance and even full-blown allergies, but this does not mean it will 'curdle'. in your stomach. Another allied myth is that eating citrus after drinking milk will 'cut' the milk inside. This does not happen other than when we are trying to make something that combines both substances - in the open air, in our kitchen. Have you ever thought why animals (except our cat) no longer drink milk naturally once they are weaned? It is because we, and they, don't actually need it to get calcium as that is obtainable in many other foods - as well as at the pharmacy. Remember 'Drinka pinta milk a day'? Creative advertising, indeed! (See Exploding Food Myth 10)

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