Friday, 21 September 2012

Where are the charity drops in the Campo area?

Lots of people have asked us where they can drop off clothes, food or toys in the Campo area. We live in Jimena, at the top end of the Campo de Gibraltar and we can cover this area. But is there somewhere that these items can be dropped off in TARIFA, ALGECIRAS, LOS BARRIOS, SAN ROQUE, LA LÍNEA, or CASTELLAR? Please help us inform our readers. (We mean the kind of places that do NOT make a business of it, but who are genuinely for the needy of that area - we expect the number of those who need our help to increase, so PLEASE HELP us help them!)

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Anonymous said...

I recently donated clothes to Caritas in La Linea.
They are at the following address:
Avda. Menéndez Pelayo, 168
If you check their website, you could find their offices in all Campo area:
As far as I know clothes and other things for the needed can be donated also to the Red Cross (Cruz Roja).
Hope this helps.