Friday, 21 September 2012

Remember the fund raiser on Sunday

JIMENA As we told you last week, there is a major fund raiser for the needy of Jimena this Sunday. These are the 200 families of the municipality that have no income at all, whose benefits have run out and are now living on charity. Entrance to the sports pavilion is only €4, which goes straight to buying basic food for them. Donations will be gladly accepted, including if you bring some non-perishables like rice, pasta, tins of just about anything, olive or other oil, etc. The thing starts at 11 am and ends at 7pm. Throughout the day, there will be entertainment for the little ones and activities for others. It's good way to meet your neighbours and do a good turn at the same time. (We have been asked to tell you where you can donate clothes, food and toys at other times. Here's where. Watch for a link on the sidebar, too.)

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Anonymous said...

The sports centre seemed to be well supported when we took goods down there during the afternoon
Hope they did well.