Monday, 17 September 2012

Two Ryanair incidents in 24 hours

Motor problems forces landing at Barcelona on Bristol-Reus flight · Tenerife flight forced to land at Madrid Barajas
SPAIN The Spanish media is full of these two incidents, which happened over the weekend. Just a few days ago, Ryanair's boss, the quotable Michael O'Leary, said that there were no more problems at Ryanair than anywhere else (See our Is Ryanair's cost-cutting dangerous?) and in any case, his airline's jurisdiction was in Ireland, not in Spain. In other words, he takes orders from his home turf, not to where his airline flies. On this subject, (you will soon be unable to read the rest of items like this unless you subscribe)
pre-flight checks in Spain, appear to be much more stringent than in Ireland, according to one TVE panelist this morning. There have been numerous incidents in and over Spanish air space in recent months, which have been reported in the media in full detail. The airline is in court against one consumer organization, FACUA, and in a letter to Public Works Minister, Ana Pastor, O'Leary cited an article in El Mundo newspaper published last Monday which said the airline had caused 1,201 security incidents in the last six months. Mr O’Leary said the figure was “false”. He accuses the Spanish government of orchestrating a press campaign against Ryanair. If you google (new verb, in common use) Ryanair, - well, try it and see.

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