Sunday, 7 October 2012

300 kilos of cocaine stolen from official storage in Cádiz

Police station just a few metres away
"They had it easy," says police union
CÁDIZ First it was Sevilla, then Málaga, and now it's the turn of Cádiz, where more than half of the illegal substances confiscated in Spain is stored. The official storage facility, supposedly highly secure, has now had 300 kilos of the stuff -mostly cocaine- removed with such apparent ease that it is widely believed to be an inside job. Sources other than the official one, headed by the Government Delegate in Andalucía -supposedly guardian of the drugs- say that the amount stolen is significantly above that. There is talk of anotherSOON YOU WON'T BE ABLE TOREAD THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE unless you subscribe100 kilos of hashish, for instance. 
The burglary is believed to have happened on the night of Saturday, last weekend, though there is some debate on the subject. 

Whenever it occurred, the drug was being held in a bunker inside the garage for the Ministry, some 100 metres from the main National Police station in the city. The alarm was raised by ministerial drivers when they came to work on Sunday morning at nine. They apparently found 'various doors open' but little more has come out of the official silence surrounding this serious case. There is very little detailed information available but a judge has already opened an investigation.

Similar burglaries, all aimed at the drugs being stored prior to crime cases coming to court and for which the stuff is held as evidence, have happened at the facilities in Sevilla, in March, and Málaga, in December last year.

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