Tuesday, 23 October 2012

800 kilos of melons and watermelons seized for lack of health controls

Part of the confiscated fruit to be donated to Castellar Zoo
SAN ROQUE The Local Police seized some 800 kilos of fruit that was to be sold in the streets but lacked a health licence. Most of it will be destroyed to avoid health risks, but some will be donated to Castellar Zoo. The police hold regular checks and report to the veterinary services of the Junta, which orders, or not, its destruction. In any case, fruit that does not carry the proper licences and certificates cannot enter the food chain, other than for animals. The person who was handling it, has also been denounced and will have to go to court. The authorities ask that if there is any suspicion about where any food being sold in the street comes from, consumers should call the Local Police. There are also many reports, though nothing official, of a significant increase in fruit and vegetable robberies from local orchards and plantations.

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