Friday, 19 October 2012

Confirmed: General Strike on November 14

Pan-European strike threat, as Portugal and other countries' unions agree on date
MADRID The head spokesperson for Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO.), one of the country's two main unions, announced earlier this morning that it had called for a General Strike on Wednesday, November 14. This, he said, would be 'the first Iberian General Strike in history', as unions in Portugal have made the same announcement. There is a distinct possibility that unions in other European countries, such as Italy, Greece and others will follow suit, a possibility that has been on the cards for at least a week. Fernando Lezcano said his union was not afraid of failure because 'there is no other way'. Another CC.OO. leader urged members not to 'be afraid of losing a day's pay', adding that he hoped that the strike would be followed not only by those earning wages and salaries, or the unemployed, but also by anyone who felt the government has gone, and will go, too far with its cutbacks and austerity measures. COMING SOON: SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION

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