Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Exploding Food Myth 14. Margarine is healthier than butter

This myth exists because margarine is made from vegetable oils that prevent heart disease. Margarine contains hydrogenised fats (unsaturated fats that at saturated with hydrogen to obtain a semi-solid texture). These fats are known as the infamous 'trans', which many studies have associated with effects even worse than animal fats - that is, butter. As to which is better or worse, our research shows that neither and both: both are good if used occasionally and in small quantities; and neither if quantities are constantly abused. The best source of natural, healthy fats of the good variety is, you guessed it, olive oil - which explains the use of it instead of butter on a lovely mollete (bap-like bread), with tomato and a few slivers of jamón serrano, and a great cup of coffee at the nearest non-tourist bar of a morning. (See Exploding Food Myths 13) (This is the last in a weekly series on Exploding Food Myths. Hope you enjoyed it. To see all of them, click here)

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