Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fishing licences report is near completion

Another kind of fishing
(Photo: Jon Rawlinson)
GIBRALTAR Sources at Nº6 Convent Place say that the final report on the fishing rights issue is due for completion and presentation 'imminently'. The report will be welcomed by many, anglers and commercial fishing enterprises alike. It is widely believed that the report will contain the following measures to protect fishing stocks in the waters claimed by both Gibraltar and Spain. For this purpose a licensing regime is to be introduced, stipulating the precise sections of the waters and the times and conditions under which they may be fished. It is also believed that Spanish and other foreign fishermen will be allowed to fish specified species on specified days, but only when in possession of  a Gibraltar licence. It is expected that the long-running fishing dispute with Spain may be at an end, although there is a hard-line opinion  that since the waters do not belong to Gibraltar but to Spain, no licence is required. Watch this space.

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