Sunday, 28 October 2012

'Honour' among thieves and smugglers

Illustration only
LA LÍNEA The vehicles full of contraband tobacco and alcohol were parked in the darker streets of La Línea, but in plain daylight local residents could see  these three men braking to cars and vans to steal the contents. But thanks to citizen cooperation, R.F.S., 23, A.M.C.V., 23, AND J.A.P.G., 27, were arrested on Thursday. A press release from the Police says that it had no notification, no denuncias, on the subject but on investigating several neighbours' reports they realised that the vehicles in question belonged to people from outside the area who left their cars and vans near the frontier with Gibraltar, and came and went with small amounts of contraband. They wouldn't report break-ins because they were engaged in illicit activities. The three are now 'at the disposal of the courts.'

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