Sunday, 7 October 2012

Idara has received her bottle tops, but we need more

JIMENA As we said back here, there was a request out for plastic bottle tops, which would help a little girl's family buy her a special wheelchair. Her name is Idara and she has received two enormous boxes full of plastic bottle tops, collected throughout the municipality. Idara lives in Algeciras, but there is another little girl, called Virginia, of a well-known Jimena family, who needs our help, too, this time for an important operation not available on the Spanish health system. So, collect your plastic tops and take them along to any of the places on the list below, telling them it's for Virginia's operation.>>>

Ayuntamiento (Town Hall)
La Tasca
Bar El Pastor
Bar El Ventorrillero
Bar El Paseo
Colegio Reina de los Ángeles
Casa de la Cultura
Electrónica Roque

Cámara de Comercio
El Rincón del Vatri
Bar On D Vas
Colegio El Aljibe

Congelados El Copo

San Pablo

Or call Alberto on 685 052 684 for an update on the above information.

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