Friday, 12 October 2012

Man tries to close off the frontier in 'personal gesture'

GIBRALTAR Manuel Felipe Cabezón, from Sevilla, yesterday tried to cut off the exit from Gibraltar and was roundly rebuked by Spanish frontier workers. His was a personal gesture, he said, because 'Gibraltar is Andalusian and Spanish.' He was loudly demanding that the frontier be closed, when Manuel Márquez, ACSTEG delegate on the Rock, who had just left work and was headed home, began to rebuke him. There was a fracas that was stopped by the Policía Nacional. Both men were questioned and released but may yet have to appear in court. Márquez has announced that he will be denouncing the Guardia Civil, who also intervened, because 'they threw the flags of Andalucía and Spain to the floor.'

1 comment:

WD said...

By his reckoning,does that mean that the likes of Ceuta,
Melilla, Plazas de soberanía, and Perejil Island should
not be Spanish?

Will Spain cede the Canary Islands to Morocco?

I somehow doubt it!