Wednesday, 24 October 2012

This is GOOD news: saved by a minute!

Baby Francisco, his parents
and his 'saviours'
JEREZ We were looking  for some good news among the gloom, and we found this piece about ... here it is: The Local Police was on a stake out in the early hours of Sunday morning, in the Casines neighbourhood of Puerto Real when they were approached by a young man, "Please help! My wife is about to give birth! She can't stand up!" He was desperate. In the background, a woman sitting on some steps was shouting "I can feel him!" The police didn't hesitate. They picked her up and put her and her husband -and the child, one imagines- into the undercover patrol car and screeched off to the Puerto Real hospital, sirens blaring. Other police units joined in, escorting them all the way. That was the beginning of a good story with a happy ending. COMING SOON: SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION>>>
"If we (the police) had appeared a minute later, the baby would have been born on those steps. We were about as nervous as the couple!" says Sebastián, one of the officers involved from the start. Fortunately, they were only a short kilometer from the hospital. "Hair raising but a nice story. It's the first time something like that happens to me," he adds.

Francisco was born on Sunday morning at the Hospital Puerto Real not long after they all arrived. He was apparently in a hurry to arrive. His parents were glad to be able to thank the officers when they came to visit on Tuesday.

"We wanted to see how things had gone," said one. "All in a day's work," said another.

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