Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Pickets seal locks at various businesses and offices

Jimena and Estación
(Phot: Juanlu González,
70 arrests so far · Portugal: 'massive following' · 
CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR The first news we had this morning of how the General Strike has affected the Campo is when we went down to buy some glue (!!) at Tobi Castilla's, the builder's merchant in Jimena village. It was closed, but nearby was Manuel Castilla, who told us the locks to their premises had been sealed with glue (!!!), presumably by pickets coming through in the dark hours of the night. Since then, more offices and such have been reported with the same problem, including the unemployment offices just down from the medical centre, the other builders' merchant in Estación (Macías), as well as the La Canastera olive oil merchants and several other places. There is even an unconfirmed report of the Chinese shops being 'sealed'.. Also, similar reports have been coming in of other spots throughout the Campo. In other places in Spain, at last report, there have been at least 70 arrests, 202 flights cancelled at various airports. As usual, unions say the strike is 'an enormous success' and Business organizations that it is 'hardly noticeable'. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle (truth/lies; lies/truth, who knows?)

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