Thursday, 24 January 2013

Algeciras-Ronda train service cuts

Stop at San Pablo de Buceite
ALGECIRAS / RONDA Improvement, that is, expansion and connections, to the Ronda to Algeciras train line has been on the books for at least fifteen years. Area businesses, and in particular the Algeciras Bay Port Authority, are adamant that connections with the Campo are essential to progress and employment. However, recent developments on the 'rationalization' of infrastructure front has that specific line set for elimination altogether. Blame the crisis. The only alternative on that line, which was originally built by Britain for R&R of the troops stationed in Gibraltar, will be to board the Granada and get off at Ronda. The service that is to be eliminated is the train that leaves Ronda at 7.30am, arriving in Algeciras at 9.15; the return journey leaves Algeciras at 7pm and arrives at Ronda at 8.42. So what is left is the Granada train leaving Algeciras three times a day (at 6.35am, 11.45 and 3.55). It remains to be seen whether any stops on the way are to be eliminated, and when this all comes into effect. One of the area's great joys has always been a train ride to Ronda in the spring, when all the wild flowers are out in their splendour.

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