Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Environmentalists warn that La Línea City Port will affect the western beaches

Illustration used at presentation
the project
LA LÍNEA At an estimated investment of €40m, the La Línea City Port project has been on the books for some time as a port for mega-yachts and cruise ships. Plans are at the objection stages at present. Verdemar-Ecologistas en Acción (V-EA), the environmentalist pressure group, and Alcaidesa, the development that would be right up against the projected port, are both objecting on environmental grounds, as well as practical. V-EA alleges that the sands on the western side of the town could be displaced, causing erosion and detriment to fishing grounds. The also allege that the plans do not include any corrective measures against this possibility, which would be within the San Felipe dyke. For its part, Alcaidesa says that the projects leans too heavily on its own development at Alcaidesa Marina. Once the allegations have been studied, the project goes on to consideration by the Administration Council of the Algeciras Bay Port Authority. And then it has to be financed ...

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