Sunday, 13 January 2013

Some more things that went up on January 1

Just a few days ago we published a colourful graphic (left) of the main things that will have gone up in price on the first day of the year. There are some more that were not shown there. One of these is important to readers in the Campo area: toll road charges that depend on the State increased by an average 2.4%, while those that belong to the regional authorities, such as that on the way to and from Málaga, went up by 3.3% on average. Another price rise is in airport fees, with all 47 airports in the country rising by an average 6.30%. Postage went up by some 2.95%, so sending a 20 gram letter within Spain now costs €0.37, or 2.78%. Phone bills may soon be showing an increase, too: Telefónica will probably increase their very basic fee, which has stayed at €13,97 since 2008, but this will depend on when the Telecommunications Market Commission frees up the service. (A more detailed article on this subject will soon be available on

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