Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Will pensioners have to pay for medication in hospital?

Seriously ill patients will have to pay up to €4.13 at hospital pharmacies · Some will be 'totally exempt', says Minister · Mammograms will continue to be considered 'basic services'
MADRID Many of the medication used for treatment in hospital are very expensive. In some cases they can reach €2,400 but even these will be subject to price reductions, according to a recent parliamentary statement by the Minister for Health and Social Services, Ana Mato. Patients will not have to pay more than €4,13, she said in response to a question from a member. The reasoning behind the measure, she said, is to equalise the matter among her ministries to avoid possible legal interpretations of recently passed laws aimed at reducing costs and guaranteeing Social Security services in the future. (A more detailed article on this subject will soon be available on SpainInformer.com)

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