Friday, 26 April 2013

Council worker to lose his home because of unpaid salary

Mauricio Rivas
shows eviction notice
LA LÍNEA Mauricio Rivas Molina, 41, has worked for the Council since 1996 but is owed some €11,000 in unpaid salary, at an average of €730 per month, which he can prove. He owes three months on his mortgage, about €2,200. The bank has told him that the property will be taken back and auctioned o at the end of this month. However, the Junta de Andalucía (and other autonomous regions) have put  emergency procedures to avoid evictions such as this, but Mauri, as he is known, is not sure if he qualifies. This could save him at the last minute. Nevertheless, he points the finger directly at Mayor Gemma Araujo, who has refused to met him personally, not only for the financial aspect of the problem, but also for a severe depression that culminated recently in a suicide attempt. (How on earth, we ask as you surely do, too, can anyone live without being paid for a year? He can't even leave his job because he risks losing his back pay!)

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