Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Guilty of abusing his children, aged 3 and 9, father makes a deal on prison term

Holguer J. in court
PALMA DE MALLORCA Holguer J., a 34-year-old German admitted he had consistently sexually abused his children a girl of 9 and a boy of 3 on repeated occasions. He also admitted to abusing his one-time step-daughter, aged 6. In a deal with the prosecution, he accepted a sentence of 17 years in jail. The trial lasted 15 minutes as the accused had already come to the agreement, although he did make use of his right to speak to apologise to the victims. (WARNING: the rest of this story may not be suitable for minors.)>>>Among other things to which the man admitted was penetration of all three victims and making films of many of the events, some of which he uploaded onto the Internet.

The abuse was carried out at his home in Llucmajor and on a sailing boat, in the years 2008 and 2009.

Having admitted to the charges, which were aggravated by his relationship with the children but due for reduction on the grounds of confession, there was the possibility that he would have to spend 17 years in jail in any case, so he accepted the sentence as given.

In addition to the jail term, Holguer J. was also sentenced to non-communication of any kind with any of the children, as well as the loss of patria potestad (custody or guardianship) for 15 years. That, plus payment of €10,000 to each of the children.

His acceptance of the sentence before the actual trial took place, numerous procedures were eliminated, including a possible court-ordered enquiry in Germany and, more importantly, the need for the children to be brought in as witnesses.

The man was arrested on April 20, 2011, after a tip off from the German Embassy about the existence of a film on Internet showing sexual abuse of several children by an adult, and who were evidently being obliged to perfom sexual acts on each other.

On the video the pedophile identified himself as Cooldaddy and gave an e-mail adress at which he invited contact for anyone else interested in abusing the children.

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