Friday, 26 April 2013

Over 3000 rally to demand completion of hospital

Meeting in the square
LA LÍNEA Over three thousand people attended a rally yesterday evening near the old hospital then marched to the main square, Plaza de la Constitución, to demand completion of the new hospital, work on which has been stopped for a year (Our item here). Heading the march were numerous mothers with prams, plus members of the Multiple Sclerosis in wheelchairs, as well as organizers belonging to the Plataforma en Defensa del Hospital. Present, too, were several area politicians, including Mayors Gemma Araujo (La Línea), Guillermo Ruiz (Jimena) and Juan Casanova (Castellar). These three municipalities are the most impacted by the lack of an up-to-date hospital that was announced several years ago and is at the 'skeleton' stage of construction. One comment from a demonstrator: "The politicians are eating it (the money) all up and then tell us there's no funding for it. How can they start something with a full budget, and then say there's no more money?"

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