Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sex between minors appears on Twitter

(Illustration only)
CADIZ A recent Trending Topic on Twitter was a video of a sexual encounter among minors, shot in the Cortadura beach area of the provincial capital, and eliminated when the girl involved in the film complained to police that she had not consented to it being uploaded to the social medium. The matter was investigated by the National Police and the person who uploaded it, also a minor, is now facing a Youth Court sentence, as are the three involved in the act that became public but has now been removed. The video first appeared on the night of April 2, and quickly became a Trending Topic, spreading throughout the Internet. The girl involved made her complaint the following morning, alleging that >>>
she had been drunk at the time. The Grupo de Redes Sociales (Social Media Group) and the Brigada de Investigación Tecnológica (IT Investigation Brigade) made every effort to locate the source of the video and to get it removed from a large number of websites on which it had already been uploaded, which they were able to do by the following morning, April 4, despite the fact that most of those sites are located in other countries. Apparently, there are a number of photos still around. The National Police warn that once something gets on the Internet, it is 'extraordinarily difficult' to have it removed.

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