Thursday, 25 April 2013

Very busy weekend, this

JIMENA One of the busiest of weekends is coming up, though some of the planning needs attention from several organizers, or at least from a coordinating body at the Town Hall - another case of non-communication. Below is an attempt at getting it right, but please don't say you weren't told! (We gave up on our UpComing Events Calendar, which used to be at the bottom of this page, some time ago because nobody bothered to look at it much, and it takes time to put things up - any interest in reviving it?)>>>

4pm to about 8 - Primary school Día del Libro (Book Day) celebration at CEIP Los Ángeles. Book-related activities.
6.30 to about 8 or 9 - Inauguration of History & Archaeology Workshops at Casa de la Cultura (opposite Town Hall in Jimena), plus conference on 'Laja Alta. Seeking Answers to the Ship Drawings.'
8.30 to about 10 - Lacock Old Music performance at San Francisco church.

From 10am to 7.30pm - Jimena Sports Day (Jornadas Deportivas) at the Sports Pavilion

11am - History & Archaeology Workshops - Start of a series of conferences on various subjects, including olive presses and/or flour mills in the area, a visit to some of them, and on the Spanish Civil War ('Flight to Málaga and Almería')

9.45pm Spanish Theatre 'Barrocamiento' at Corral de la Paca (Calle Ancha 8). Info: 639 123 744

12 noon - History & Archaeology Workshops - Conference on latest discoveries at Jimena Castle (find out why work has stopped on renovation there)

9.45pm (yes, again) Spanish Theatre 'Barrocamiento' at Corral de la Paca (Calle Ancha 8).
Info: 639 123 744

That's about it.

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