Saturday, 20 April 2013

What happened last night at Venta Ángel?

JIMENA  The benefit event to raise funds for Carmen Infantes's wheelchair was well-attended by the local populace, many of whom were introduced to the new management at Venta Ángel (formely Las Rejas). Some €1,350 were collected, largely through tickets to the show. Carmen's whole family were there - as usual giving her their support. Onstage were a number of young talented people, plus, we're told (we had left by then), some excellent flamenco music by two well-known local artists. We were very disappointed with the turnout from local expats - we counted a mere ten, including Prospero - which is frankly shameful (tickets were €5, the equivalent of just a few of beers! And all you had to do was buy the tickets without even sitting down to listen - you could have been holding up the bar instead). Below is a slideshow of the event.
Carmen Infantes Benefit on PhotoPeach


scotty said...

Is there somewhere where some of the expats who didn't attend but would perhaps like to make a donation can do so?
I, for one ex pat, would love to do so!

scotty said...

Is there somewhere where the expats who didn't attend could make a donation? I for one, would be happy to do so.

PROSPERO said...

Thanks for the comments and a good question! And here's an answer for you. Donations will be gladly received at a newly opened account at La Caixa in the name of CARMEN INFANTE MARTÍNEZ (Number 2100-8579-01-0100025653)