Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Arrested for bursting into a Jimena feria marquee on horseback; breaks Guardia's wrist

(Illustration only)
JIMENA  A man - well-known in Jimena for being a trouble-maker - was arrested at last week-end's feria after bursting into one of the marquees (caseta) on horseback. He is accused of public disorder and endangering the public, among other things, including breaking the wrist of one of the Guardia Civils in the process of arresting him. According to reports, the man had been bothering everybody, riders and public alike, when he was drinking on foot inside the caseta. He then went out, mounted and drove his panicking horse inside, thus endangering everyone present. When the Guardia came onto the scene, he began insulting and threatening them. He allegedly managed to get a rein around one of the Guardias and pulled on it, breaking his wrist. He was finally restrained and led away. He is now 'at the disposal of the courts'.

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