Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bullfighter sent to jail for killer car accident

Ortega Cano receives
his sentence
SEVILLA Retired bullfighter, breeder and celebrity José Ortega Cano was condemned to two years, six months and one day in jail for the fatal car accident of May 28, 2011 in which the driver of the other car, Carlos Parra, was killed. Although Ortega Cano insisted in his defence that he had obeyed all road signs and speed limits, and had not had anything stronger than a soft drink -although he admitted he had 'wet his lips' with cava- his blood alcohol level was way over the limit. His lawyer alleged that the 'chain of custody' of blood sample had been broken at the Virgen Macarena Hospital in Sevilla, where he had been attended to, and was thus not trusted as proof. José Ortega Cano is a frequent presence in the celebrity-prone media because he was married to singing star Rocío Jurado, who died in 2006, and with whom he adopted two children. Retired as a matador some years ago, he became a biological father in February this year with his present partner Ana María Aldón. Ortega Cano has announced he will appeal.

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