Thursday, 16 May 2013

J.A.W.S. is ready to go on to the next stage

JIMENA (Received via Facebook, on the J.A.W.S. page) "Since JAWS was launched last June, we have been carrying on with the good work and have so far rescued approx. 15 dogs. One was re-homed in Germany, one in the UK, one here in Jimena and several went to Adana where they have either been adopted or are still in ADANA waiting for the perfect family to adopt them. So we have done well and couldn't have done it without your support. We are now ready to move onto the next stage! The council are backing us 100% and want to help us and they want to provide a place where dog kennels can be built (by the council) so we have a place to temporarily keep dogs, allowing us time to try and find forever homes for them.  This is great news for J.A.W.S. and I am sure you all agree will be a huge step forward to helping the strays that we come across - or come across us!>>>To be successful we need a team of volunteers who will do something like 1 day per month for a couple of hours feeding, cleaning , walking and generally helping to socialise the dogs so that adoption becomes easier.

Obviously the more people we have the better and the less time each person will have to commit per month.
PLEASE  -  can you help out with this very worth while cause?  You have no idea the great feeling you get when you help a dog who has been abandoned and eventually it goes to a great home!  You, too, could be part of this.

You are all animal lovers which is why you are on my list, so please try and support us again and e mail me your details so we can add you to our list.

This is not immediate  -  but we do need to know what kind of support we have for the project.

Looking forward to hearing from you. [YOU CAN ANSWER WITH A COMMENT BELOW]

Valerie Jubb

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