Saturday, 11 May 2013

Kids should climb trees, build dens, fly kites and do a lot more as an important part of their childhood

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This piece should surely apply to most if not all of the 'first world', the so-called 'developed' countries. It certainly applies to Spain, though it was brought to our attention by the National Trust in the UK. That august body recently published a fascinating list of things children should do, instead of sitting in front of a screen. The list of 50 ideas is the result of a survey among 1,700 children in the UK; it is this year's 'list of things to do before you're 11¾'. However, most things on the list can very easily be done here in Spain, where outdoors is generally cleaner (the air, not the floor) and drier - things like running barefoot in the grass, star-gazing, exploring a cave, going on a long bike ride - it's a long, wonderful list. Naturally, supervision by an adult would be not only sensible but probably required legally for most of them, and all require common sense, not namby-pamby from Health and Safety (please disregard any implication against either health or safety you may see herein). You can read all about it here:, including FREE membership for you and/or your kids, a checklist, safety procedures, etc. etc. Great site!

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