Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Much ado about a great deal: torture and death in Spain

SPAIN We posted this photo of two dead greyhounds (galgos) on Facebookjust a couple of days ago as an example of what happens to these magnificent creatures when they get too old for hunting in Spain (and no doubt other countries as well): they get hung up alive until they die! Understandably, they caused much controversy, which ranged from 'I don't want/need to see the photos' to 'let's all get behind this anti movement (but don't know how)', from 'here's a petition' to 'you can't do anything about it, it's been going on for years'. Please give us your opinion -which we might or might not share but certainly respect- on comments below, or by answering the poll we will be putting up later today. (Here is but one petition - more to come, with luck:

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Anonymous said...

Hi there - just interested to know what the outcome of the poll re the galgos was. I have just added my signature and comment but cannot seem to find the poll.

many thanks

Emma Hudson