Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Small business initiative creates mini-factory for food production

Ayuntamiento, Castellar Nuevo
CASTELLAR Making food at home for sale does not meet health and sanitation requirements. So Castellar Council is promoting the idea of a small multi-purpose factory where food can be made according to current standards, which will allow it to obtain all the necessary permits for sale to third parties. The mobve comes from a recent seminar on food production held in the village, where numerous residents presented their interest in producing such items as yoghurts, cheeses, jams, sweets, marmalades, jams and even canned vegetables fronm materials available in the municipality. The idea then took a turn of reality when Mayor Juan Casanova suggested it would be possible to turn municipal premises next to the football grounds, consisting of some 250 m2, into a small factory for this purpose. It will need to get a Registro Sanitario de Industria (RSI) certification, which is not seen as an obstacle so far. The idea is for a cooperative effort to take shape, which it is hoped will at least employ several people at present unemployed and having a hard time of it.

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