Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Taxes due in Jimena, and elsewhere

Official notice
JIMENA (and beyond) Local taxes, including Council and Vehicle, are the responsibility of local government, i.e. councils, so there are different due dates and different payment methods for different municipalities. However, with the financial panorama as it is, you can be sure that everyone is desperate to collect. We have information from Jimena but advise you to enquire at your local tax office as to what is due (we will be getting similar info from each of the Campo's seven municipalities for tax year 2014, as soon as possible).   Two taxes are due in Jimena: the first tranche of Council Tax (IBI, Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles) can be paid between May 7 and July 12. If you do NOT pay by direct debit you should go to the tax office (Recaudación, Calle Sevilla, just up from the Town Hall on the other side of the street) to get your payment slip - you do not receive notification other than when it is past due and incurs a fine and charges. The other is car tax (Impuesto sobre Vehículos), which is payable until June 16 - you may not have received your notification, so ask at the tax office.

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