Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Henderson family lunches in San Pablo

Station on the Algeciras - Ronda line,
with evident British influence
JIMENA /San Pablo de Buceite Who are the Hendersons? you ask. They are the descendants of Sir Alexander Henderson, the man who built the Algeciras-Ronda railway, as well as the Reina Cristina Hotel in Algeciras and the Reina Victoria Hotel at the other end of the line in Ronda. The Henderson family had lunch recently at that wonderful jewel of restaurant in San Pablo, (appropriately) La Estación in San Pablo, run by Nieves Domínguez and her son, Samuel. The family were apparently on a trip up the hills in preparation for a Michael Portillo TV programme about the British-built railway (about which we reported here years ago). More, no doubt, later, so watch this space.

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