Monday, 10 June 2013

'Gibraltar - Britain in the Sun' series coming up

Not many of these in Britain, surely
GIBRALTAR We are reliably informed (we have to be, we don't have a TV) that a series called 'Gibraltar - Britain in the Sun' is to be broadcast on Channel 5 (The Express calls it 'Little Britain'). The first episode is to be aired on Tuesday 11 - tomorrow! - at 8pm BST, or 9pm in Spain - and on five successive Tuesdays. We are also informed that you can see it online at, if your soon-to-be-if-it-isn't-already-bollixed sky tv thingy is giving you grief. Please don't ask us about the bollixing satellite problems as we haven't a clue - but we would like your opinion on the programme, please! (Thanks to Simon&Iris for the info.) (Another soon-to-be-released-or-maybe-edited programme is former Conservative Minister Michael Portillo's - he of close Spanish heritage - train travel piece on the Algeciras-Ronda railway - it of British heritage.)

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