Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ice-cream as an example of solidarity

ALGECIRAS / LOS BARRIOS Much as this item may seem like an advertorial, it is in fact a way to express our admiration for a business that has been setting an example for some time. A family ice-cream business based in Algeciras is an example of solidarity with the less fortunate: it donates one third of its profits and cooperates with numerous charities. So far this year Heladísimo, 'La Gourmet del Helado', has bought and distributed over four tons of food, that, as well as toys of a line that develops and encourages proper values among the young. However, that's not enough, either: they were one of the organisers of last year's Campeonísimo sports event, which they want to make an annual event. There are several other things they've organised, including charity cycling routes, help for child victims of cancer and MS. They can do with our support. In Algeciras, the Heladísimo shop is at Avenida de España, 13, in San José Artesano; in Los Barrios at Calle Plata, 24, both of which offer Italian ice-creams improved with local resources. Worth a try, right?

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