Friday, 14 June 2013

Julio Iglesias concert in Algeciras in August

ALGECIRAS  Only a day after Algeciras presented its summer events programme (about which more later), it was announced that the world's favourite Latin crooner, Spaniard Julio Iglesias, will be onstage at the Las Palomas bullring in Algeciras on Wednesday, August 14, as part of his world tour, which is taking him to Jordani, Israel, Portugal, Norway,Holland, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, The Philippines  China, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea. According to the star's schedule, he will be in Marbella less than two weeks before that, for the Starlite Festival. The Julio Iglesias official website does sell tickets, but not (yet) for the Algeciras gig. His latest recording happened in November, 2011, and Guinness World Records gave him the record for selling the most Latin music records in the world.

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