Friday, 7 June 2013

More on Jimena entrance roadworks: there are idiots all over the place...

JIMENA Walking down to the office this morning, we came across two men working on the newly concreted bit of road under repair. They were mumbling about idiot drivers. Fortunately we understand Spanish mumbling: someone had driven over the fresh cement last night, having first removed the barrier at the top of the road. They had driven down onto the fresh concrete, where they stopped, creating a track mark into the concrete that will take a day or two to be set right. By the time we got back with a camera, he man in the photograph had already patched up one of the idiot's tracks, and he was complaining that whatever he did, it would always be a patch. At least he cared! We were also told that there was going to be a speed bump right there where he's working, which might just stop a few of the idiot drivers around. (Another photo below)>>>

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