Monday, 17 June 2013

Photographer is censored by Facebook

See 'The Making Of' this 2010 photo
ALGECIRAS Mariano Vargas Castaño is in constant evolution, according to Europa Sur. He started out years ago with an analog camera but has taken the digital age to heart. His photos are interesting, provocative, sometimes erotic, and nowadays censored. He has made the fact public through the same Facebook page where he publishes much of his work - and where some of his work has been removed. But he says he's not really bothered, though he does mention - not just in passing - the double standard used by that social network where images of death and destruction are all too frequent; yet Facebook says that many of his photos do not meet its policies. The fact is that Mariano Vargas is a well-known artist whose work is sold via the prestigious Imaginart gallery in Barcelona, and which has been exhibited in Hong Kong, South Korea, Paris, soon in Venezuela and Colombia, on to Miami and next year, to London and New York.>>>

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