Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Reader's comment: CampoPulse has provided reliable, invaluable information for years

CAMPOPULSE After all the controversy and acidity that passed between Myra Azzopardi Swainson, of  Citizens Advice Bureau for Spain, and Alberto/Prospero on Facebook regarding Andalucía's (and Spain's) Energy Efficiency Certificate (it IS obligatory), one of CampoPulse's stalwart readers, wrote the following as a comment on Fb, for which we are very grateful indeed: "Just wanted to chip in as an ex-pat resident of the village where Alberto lives. Over the years he has provided us all (through his blog) with reliable and invaluable information and helped us to be part of our Spanish community. He is a good person and most certainly doesn't do it for the money (what money I hear him cry!). I have no view on the debate that has been going on here, but felt the need to defend what I am sure are his very best intentions and desire to help us all. I have signed up as a group member and also want to thank Myra for what she is doing to help us all." (Please feel free to comment below, as Myra did on the original article.)

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