Thursday, 11 July 2013

A colourful summer salad using pomegranates

(From PetitChef) Here's a great summer salad using one of Spain's very delicious fruits, the pomegranate (granada) and another easy-to-find vegetable, the aubergine (berenjena, or eggplant in the US). Having had recent imagined words about vegeterianism we've checked carefully, and there is no indication of any kind of meat here, so this recipe covers all tastes and needs. (No, we don't know where our sudden interest in food comes from, either. It's not MasterChef cos we never saw it.) Okay, here's what you'll need:>>>

1 large aubergine (or two medium)
2 hard, red tomatoss
1 large fresh onion
1 large pomegranate
2 garlic cloves
1 green chili pepper (optional)
Pita bread (optional) cut into squares and oven-toasted

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar (better but fiddly: pomegranate treacle, if you can find it)
1 tsp lemon juice
3 - 4 tbsp olive oil
Powdered mint

Wash aubergine and toast with garlic in a frying pan using no oil.
Prick aubergine several times with a fork and place in a microwave dish. Zap for 5 minutes.
Leave to rest in microwave 5 minutes. Do not open door.

Dice tomatoes and onions, slice optional chili pepper, empty pomegranate and place in bowl with previously mashed garlic.

Cut aubergines in half and remove pulp with a spoon. Dice and place in bowl.
Stir gently.

Prepare the dressing and pour over the salad.
The optional toasted pita bread should be added at the last minute so it doesn't soften.
Decorate with fresh mint leaves.

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